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Origins: Mint Wash Cooling Gel Facial Cleanser

Origins: Mint Wash Cooling Gel Facial Cleanser

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Origins: Mint Wash Cooling Gel Facial Cleanser

Origins: Mint Wash Cooling Gel Facial Cleanser

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Origins Mint Wash Cooling Gel Facial Cleanser is perfect for extremely oily skin, but if you fall in any other skin type category, you'll want to pass.

Is Origins Mint Wash Cooling Gel Facial Cleanser Right for My Skin Type

Unless you have oily sink (and I do mean oily), you'll want to steer clear.

While researching over 100 reviews from customers who either bought or received a sample size bottle of Origins Mint Wash, there was a clear distinction from customers who have oily skin and those in all other skin types. Those with very oily skin seemed to feel like they finally found an answer to their oil problem and finally felt like they had "squeaky clean skin". (As a side note, "squeaky clean" is not the feel you should be going for. Your skin should never feel tight after you clean. If it does, the cleanser you're using is too drying for your skin.) Other reviewers couldn't believe how dry and flaky their skin had become. There were complaints of burning, redness and leftover soap residue after rinsing. One review on Makeupalley.com compared this cleanser to "a science experiment gone wrong".

Another issue many have with this particular cleanser is the fact that there is no pump to dispense the product. If you've ever tried to pour a cleansing gel out of a bottle with no pump, you know how much product you end up wasting. With a price of $17.50, a pump would be nice.

The bottle line: if you have extremely oily, but not sensitive skin, this product may be worth trying. If you fall into any other skin type, try something else.

Don't Pass on Origins All Together

Just because Origins Mint Wash may not be the right purchase for your skin type, doesn't mean you should disregard Origins all together. Those who are introduced to Origins are usually very loyal customers.

Origins is an earth conscious, animal friendly company that is doing a whole lot of good in the world. They are using renewable energy sources to manufacture their cartons, they do not test on animals (products and ingredients) and they are raising money for fantastic charities.

It's rare when you can find a company that is prospering while giving back to the world.

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