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Love Your Body

From body care essentials to body care steals and splurges, we've got the best product reviews and skin care tips to answer all your body care needs.
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Will the Real Barbie Please Stand Up
The real Barbie doll vs. a doll made to look like a real person. You won't believe the difference.

What Do You Think of Barbie?
What do you think of Barbie? Did you see the one they made that looked like a normal healthy 19-year-old? Which one would you buy?

What is Threading?
You've seen women at the mall getting their eyebrows threaded, but what exactly is threading and how does it compare to waxing? We spoke with top threading expert and CEO of Diva Studios, Sumitra Batra, to get the scoop on threading hair removal.

Nutrition for Skin: 5 Foods You Should Be Eating
If you want healthy, beautiful skin, look no further than your plate! What you put in your mouth affects your skin. When it comes to nutrition for skin, check out these top 5 foods you should be eating.

6 Tips for Super Spring Skin on a Budget
Did your lack of effort this winter result in bad feet, hairy legs and dry flaky skin? We've got you covered! We'll help you scrub away the old and bring forth the new spring skin all on the cheap with our 6 budget-friendly skin care tips.

Tips and Facts on Sun Safety
There are so many positives about a day in the sun. The sun can be such a pick-me-up in both spirit and mood, but it can also be dangerous and cause sunburn, lead to cancer and is the number one cause of aging signs. You can love the sun and spend time in the sun without fear, you just need to do it safely. Here are some sun safety tips and...

Argan Oil Benefits for Skin, Hair and Body
Argan oil is our favorite oil for face, body and hair. It's really a whole body product that benefits your skin head to toe. Come see what argan oil is, where it comes from and how it can benefit your skin.

How Do You Shave?
If you're gearing up for your first shave, you might be wondering how exactly you should do it? How do you shave and what should you know? We'll help you shave the proper way.

Exfolimate Review

Exfoliating Your Body: Head to Toe
Your skin is your body's largest organ and it sheds dead skin cells at an alarming rate. But exfoliating is not a one-size-fits-all job! Your feet need different techniques and care than your face. Your hands are not the same as your lips. Read our tips on exfoliating your entire body - head to toe.

Argan Oil Benefits and 5 Top Argan Oil Product Picks
Try something new for your skin: argan oil. The Benefits of argan oil are great for your hair and body. We'll also share our top 5 argan oil product picks.

What I Love About Myself - My Unique Beauty
We all have physical traits that make us stand out. From that little freckle on your chin to the long eyelashes your mama blessed you with! Let's celebrate them year round instead of focusing on the negatives, which is so easy to do. Share with us what makes you beautiful.

12 Cheap Beauty Products Under $10 (And They're Actually Great!)
Whether you don't have the money or you don't want to spend the money you have - looking for cheap beauty products that work can be a hassle. Luckily for you, we've done the hard part and put together a list of 12 top-rated, but cheap, beauty products, $10 or less.

Etsy Bath and Beauty - My Favorite Etsy Bath and Beauty Stores
Do you have a favorite Etsy bath and beauty store? Do you frown upon buying your soap at the drugstore? If so, share your favorite Etsy shop with us so we can all enjoy your favorite.

8 Beauty Secrets from Grandma

11 Etsy Superstars: Handmade Soap
If you're looking to be impressed, look no further than the 11 Etsy Superstars we've dug up for you.

Clarcon Skin Care Product Recall
FDA announces a recall on Clarcon Skin Care Products.

Dr. Dobbs Skin Care Products We Love
We are in love with the vintage feel Dr. Dobbs skin care line has. From the first time we looked at the products, we knew our Grandmother's would approve.

Green Beauty Tips - Your Best Green Beauty Tips
Are you an expert when it comes to green beauty tips? Read ours, and then share your own green beauty tips so we can all do our part.

Drugstore Beauty Favorites - What are Your Favorite Drugstore Beauty …
We all love a good bargain, especially when it comes to beauty products. Let's share our drugstore beauty gems! What's your favorite drugstore beauty product, and why should we try it?

Hydrating Moisturizer - Your Favorite Hydrating Moisturizer
One of my favorite things is a good hydrating moisturizer. Of course I have my favorites, and I know you do too! Let's all share our favorite hydrating moisturizer so we can have a list of new ones to try.

Fair Trade Skin Care Companies - Your Favorite Fair Trade Ski…
Are you looking for a list of fair trade skin care companies, or do you want to share your favorite company that uses fair trade ingredients? Add or our list or check for other people's favorites.

At Home Skin Care Recipes - Homemade Skin Care Recipes
Do you have a favorite homemade skin care recipe? Share it with us, or read user submitted at home skin care recipes.

7 Tips to Get Rid of Ashy Skin

8 Tips for a Green Beauty Routine
It's not hard to add a little "green" to your beauty routine. Follow these 8 tips and feel good about the fact that you're personally making a difference.

6 Must-Have Skin Care Tools
Do you ever look at the multitude of skin care tools looking for what you need, but then leave with nothing because you're so overwhelmed? Check out this list of must-have skin care tools to see what you need.

What is Fair Trade? Fair Trade in Skin Care Products
Do you ever wonder what the term "Fair Trade" means when you're shopping for skin care products? I'll teach you the fair trade basics.

Homemade Skin Care Recipes
Who says you have to spend a lot of money to look beautiful? Go scour your kitchen, and you might find you have all you need to create one of these fabulous homemade skin care recipes yourself!

10 Skin Care Tips for Fall
When Fall hits, don't forget your skin needs proper care under those jeans and sweaters. Here's what you need to know.

Stop Excess Sweating
Find out what you can do to stop excess sweating, or hyperhidrosis.

What Are Parabens
What exactly are parabens, and should I avoid them?

Shelf Life of Your Skin Care Ingredients
Do you wonder if the skin care ingredients in that lotion you've had for years is still good? Find out how to learn the shelf life of your skin care ingredients so you know when to throw them away.

Hydrating Moisturizers for Your Skin Type
Should you be using a body butter, lotion or oil? Find out about each kind of hydrating moisturizer.

10 Blissful Body Washes
You can escape on a tropical get away or a fruity paradise with a simple shower gel. See my list of 10 must-try body washes.

6 Decadent Body Butters
Known for their long lasting moisturizing benefits, body butters can last up to 24 hours. Here are six decadent body butters perfect for gift giving.

4 Flight Approved Body Moisturizers
More and more cosmetics companies are hearing our frustration caused by airline regulations and acting on it. Here are some flight approved lotions and body butters that security won't make you toss.

9 Best Coconut Skin Care Products
When you put on a coconut scented body lotion, you mind wanders to a tropical vacation you've taken or dream of taking in the future. Check out our 9 head to toe top picks in coconut scented skin care products.

7 Tips for Beautiful Glowing Skin
Chances are good that your skin needs a little TLC before you are ready to pull out the summer clothing. Follow my 7 skin care tips for beautiful glowing skin and you'll be ready to have fun in the sun.

How to Take Care of Your Skin When Flying
Take care of your skin properly in flight so you don't arrive dry and itchy.

Sweet Strawberry Skin Care Products
There is nothing sweeter than the scent of sweet strawberry skin care products. Check out our favorite head to toe sweet strawberry skin care products.

Top Beauty Tips and Beauty Products from 6 of Spring's Hottest Magazines
Magazines everywhere are giving the best summer skin care advice. If you didn't get a chance to read all of Spring's hottest magazines, don't worry! I've condensed 6 magazines worth of top beauty tips, beauty secrets and beauty products you must try!

Best Facial Moisturizer - Readers Share their Favorite Facial Moisturizer...
Looking for the best body lotion? Come see what body lotions other readers are using and love. And while you're at it, share your favorite.

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