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Mario Badescu: Flower & Tonic Mask

Bottom Line

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Mario Badescu: Flower & Tonic Mask

Mario Badescu: Flower & Tonic Mask

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This is just an OK mask. It’s not what we are accustomed to as far as masks go because the consistency is different (very thin and watery). Our major complaint is that we would prefer that it didn’t make our face quite as tight while we had it on. But perhaps our skin was not oily enough for best results. Face Masks for Your Skin Type

Flower & Tonic Mask - Description

This mask comes in a 2 oz. white plastic jar with a screw lid. It also has a foil safety lid that we thought was difficult to get off (although you only remove it once). The company recommends it for combination oily and sensitive skin.

It has a pleasant scent that we would describe as flowery, or like a bouquet of roses. The mask is a very light green color and it is very thin and watery (the word “goopy” came to mind when we were using it).

On the jar, the instructions for use read: “Apply a thin layer on clean skin avoiding eye area. Wait 20 minutes and rinse thoroughly with tepid water. Use 2-3 times a week.” After you apply the mask to your face, the product becomes very dry and hard after a few minutes.

At the time of this review, this product sells for about $18. 12 Face Masks for Oily Skin

Flower & Tonic Mask - Review

Things We Loved:

  • Not Irritating: Even though the mask itself gets very hard and dry, it did not do anything to irritate our skin. We did not experience any breakouts, dryness or soreness from this mask.
  • Results: We definitely saw a difference in our skin’s texture and appearance after using this mask. It made our pores smaller and our skin felt very soft and smooth.

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Things We Didn't Love:

  • The 20 Minute Wait: In today’s world, 20 minutes can seem like a lifetime! We didn’t understand why we had to wait 20 minutes before washing off the mask, when it seemed to be completely dry and hard after about only 7 minutes.
  • Messy: The product is very thin in texture and therefore this makes it a little messy to deal with. If you are not careful (like we weren’t a couple of times), you can accidentally drip the mask on the jar or your sink and it is difficult to get off if you don’t act quickly.
  • Very Tight: While wearing this mask, it made our face feel very tight and almost to the point of uncomfortable. It was very hard to move our lips and we found that a little annoying.

Flower & Tonic - Final Thoughts

This mask is different. From the consistency, to the instructions and length of time it needs to sit on your face, it’s just….different. We’re not convinced that the results are worth the things we didn’t love about this product. We think there may be other masks out there that give the same results with less of the headaches that this one has. But, since it didn’t irritate our skin and did actually have good overall results, it only loses 2 stars. More Face Mask Reviews

Mario Badescu: Flower & Tonic Mask - Ingredients

Deionized Water (Aqua),Balsam (Myroxylon Pereirae Resin) Peru, Kaolin,Wheat (Triticum Vulgare) Starch, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Sorbitol

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