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NEOVA: Refining Eye Lift

NEOVA: Refining Eye Lift

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NEOVA: Refining Eye Lift

NEOVA: Refining Eye Lift

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NEOVA Refining Eye Lift is an anti-aging eye cream that promises to tone and tighten your skin instantly with their star ingredient, copper peptides. According to NEOVA, copper is essential for collagen and elastin production, which makes it a perfect fit for an eye cream.

We let a 30-something mom of two who was complaining of eye wrinkles take on Refining Eye Lift and its promises. Read on to see if it worked as promised.

NEOVA: Refining Eye Lift Description and Directions

Description - NEOVA: Refining Eye Lift is a eye cream that comes in a .5 ounce white pump bottle. The product is light blue in color and a creamy lotion consistency. There is a very light fragrance, but nothing heavy or overpowering. At the time of this review, the product is priced at $55.

Directions - Like most eye creams, you should use this both morning and night. You would apply this to your skin after cleansing and before your facial moisturizer. There is no SPF in it, so do be sure your moisturizer has SPF or you use a facial sunscreen each day to prevent more eye wrinkles from forming.

NEOVA: Refining Eye Lift - Using It

As mentioned above, we let a 30-something woman named Elizabeth try Refining Eye Lift to see if it would help her issues. She had been noticing the wrinkles under her eyes increasing rapidly despite an effort to wear sunglasses, mineral-power make up with SPF and moisturizer every day. She has been using the NEOVA almost every morning and every night after washing her face and before putting on any makeup. She was surprised to see that she really didn't feel she needed to put another moisturizer over the top of it, but sometimes did anyway.

When Elizabeth first started using Refining Eye Lift, she noticed that when she added moisturizer over the top of it, especially if the NEOVA had a chance to completely dry, it would flake off like peeling skin. She realized she was just using too much of the product, so cut back and noticed improvement right away. Elizabeth warns us that a little goes a long way with this product. In fact, one little squirt is enough for both under-eyes with a little left over that she uses on her “parentheses” and forehead wrinkles between her eyebrows. (One squirt!)

When asked how she likes using Refining Eye Lift, Elizabeth commented on how much she loves this product! She said it has a noticeable tingling, cooling effect right when you put it on, which she liked, because she could feel it working.

NEOVA: Refining Eye Lift - Our Results

From Elizabeth, "I could actually see a change in my skin five days after starting to use it! The skin under my eyes seemed plumper and brighter, more filled in. I’ve been using it now for a few weeks and the skin under my eyes looks smoother, healthier & younger. It makes me feel better about the appearance of my face in general. I still have wrinkles but I feel it’s being improved by the Refining Eye Lift."

When asked if the $55 price tag should scare anyone off, Elizabeth said it though she typically doesn't spend that much, she'd absolutely pay the full price for this product. The results were completely visible, and a little goes a very long way making it last longer than many eye creams.

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