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Mario Badescu: Chamomile Eye Cream

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Mario Badescu: Chamomile Eye Cream

Mario Badescu: Chamomile Eye Cream

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This eye cream works well at keeping your skin hydrated, but does not do anything to help minimize wrinkles or fine lines. The company does not make this claim on the product’s jar, but they do mention on their web site that this eye cream minimizes fine lines and wrinkles. Since this is the reason many people buy an eye cream, we thought it was important to note that we did not find it to work on fine lines and wrinkles. How to Get Rid of Crows Feet

It’s a good product if you are just looking to keep the skin near your eyes hydrated without causing any irritation. We found the cream to be non-irritating, not cause any breakouts or redness.

Chamomile Eye Cream - Description

This eye cream comes in a .5 oz white plastic jar with a screw lid. It is very light pink in color, has no odor and was not really a “cream.” The consistency reminded us of chap stick. When rubbed onto skin, it looks oily and greasy for about a minute, but then the skin seems to drink in the product and the greasiness goes away.

The company recommends this eye cream for all skin types. Besides Chamomile, the cream also has Vitamin A and E listed as some of its main ingredients. On the jar, the instructions for use are: “Gently pat under and around corners of the eye twice daily.” We used it for 2 weeks using our ring finger to apply the cream.

Since the product did remind us of chap stick, we thought it was interesting that they also had this beauty tip on their website for this eye cream: “Use excess eye cream around delicate lip area as an emollient treatment.” At the time of this review, this product sells for about $18. (Do I Really Need an Eye Cream?)

Chamomile Eye Cream - Review

Things We Loved:

  • Non-irritating: The effects of the calming Chamomile definitely help this eye cream to not irritate skin at all. It doesn’t sting, cause redness, breakouts or cause the skin to become too greasy.
  • Hydrates Well: If the skin around your eyes tends to be dry, this eye cream should definitely help with that. We found it to keep our skin very well hydrated.

Does My Eye Cream Need SPF?

Things We Didn't Love:

  • Overall Results: When we think of an eye cream, we think of a product that is going to hydrate well and also help minimize fine lines and wrinkles. We did not see our fine lines and wrinkles diminish at all and that was disappointing.
  • Price: Because the eye cream did not have any other properties than keeping skin well hydrated, we thought the $18 price point for the .5 oz jar was a little high.

Chamomile Eye Cream - Final Thoughts

The fact that the company recommends you can use this product on your lips as well sort of justified our feelings that this product is not exactly a powerful eye cream. It’s nice to have something hydrating to apply to the skin near your eyes without causing any irritation, but it’s not the first thing we’d recommend if you are looking for a dramatic change in your skin in that area. It’s missing that wow factor that you stumble upon with some other eye creams out there.

We think this would be a good find for that person with very sensitive dry skin who has tried many different eye creams that have all caused irritation. If you are that person, then you may want to give this eye cream a go; if not, you might want to skip this eye cream/chap stick and move on to something stronger. How to Remove a Chap Stick Stain


Water, Vegetable Oil,Sonojell, Tocopherol,Carnation Oil, Peanut Oil, Chamomile Extract,Cetyl Esters, Beeswax, Cocoa Butter,Glycerin, Retinyl Palmitate,Sodium Benzoate,Propylparaben,Imidazolidinyl Urea
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