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The Bottom Line

ThermaClear has been proven to reduce the size of your pimple in as little as 24 hours. While it won't work on black heads or white heads, you will get relief with the red, painful acne if used as early as possible.


  • Portable - Can bring with you and use anywhere.
  • Very thorough instructions that are easy to understand.
  • Takes only 2 seconds per pimple.
  • It has been proven to work.
  • Widely available.


  • Can be painful.
  • Has been reported to break open pimples at the hottest setting.


  • A hand held portable device that treats acne by blasting it a dose of heat which attacks the bacteria.
  • Has been proven to clear acne up to four times faster than usual.
  • ThermaClear retails for $150.
  • ThermaClear recommends you change the tip of the device once a year. Replacement tip costs $19.95.

Guide Review - ThermaClear

You have probably read about ThermaClear in magazines, online and most likely have seen it at a store before. This is one of the "it" products for treating acne, but you may be wondering exactly what it does.

The ThermaClear device uses heat to kill the bacteria, therefor stopping your pimple from reaching maturity. It stops the pimple at the stage that it's at, resulting in faster healing.

ThermaClear comes packaged in a box that has brief information on the inside. It has a one page quick start guide that gives you all the info you need to start blasting your pimples. It also contains a full user guide that goes in depth on ThermaClear. The device is safely contained in a foam mold with 2 AA batteries provided.

To treat your acne, you simply turn it on, wait for 10 seconds or so for it to charge and then apply it directly to the pimple. A push of the button will give off a quick blast of heat. The entire treatment is only about 2 seconds per pimple.

There are two settings on the ThermaClear device, high and low. When I first tried the device, I started with the high setting and must admit that I was surprised at how much pain was involved. My skin turned red where I applied the device. It was definitely too hot for my skin. From then on I used the low setting, and found the blast more of a minor discomfort than pain.

I used this device multiple times over the past month, and true to its word, it definitely reduced the average time my pimple usually lasts. I love the fact that it's portable and doesn't need to be charged. It is small enough to keep right in the drawer by your sink to use in the morning and at night. You can use this up to three times a day, no more.

Be aware that this will not keep acne from coming, it will only shorten the length of the acne that's there. Where was this when I was a teen?

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