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REVALESKIN: Replenishing Eye Therapy

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REVALESKIN: Replenishing Eye Therapy

REVALESKIN: Replenishing Eye Therapy

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The Bottom Line

After using REVALESKIN Replenishing Eye Therapy exclusively for a month, I can absolutely say that the fine wrinkles around my eyes are less visible, as are the bags that I typically get under my eyes.

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  • Reduces puffy eyes
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Pumps out the perfect amount in one pump
  • Provides antioxidant production against free radicals which cause aging signs
  • Soaks in right away with no greasy feeling


  • Price is high for many shoppers
  • Finding these products in your area may prove to be difficult


  • Part of REVALESKIN line which provides super antioxidant power from Coffeeberry Extract, which comes from the coffee plant.
  • Available only through doctors offices. (But you can find it online as well.)
  • Product retails for $80.

Guide Review - REVALESKIN: Replenishing Eye Therapy

REVALESKIN Eye Replenishing Therapy is one of two new products that REVALESKIN has to offer. REVALESKIN products contain Coffeeberry extract, a potent antioxidant which comes from the fruit of the coffee plant. Coffee is a great antioxidant, and now we can get those same antioxidants in our skin care.

Replenishing Eye Therapy contains 1% Coffeeberry extract, the 2nd highest percentage of Coffeeberry in the line. This amount not only helps reverse the signs of aging you already have, but acts as a barrier against daily free radicals which age your skin. In addition to the Coffeeberry, the product contains caffeine, licorice extract, aloe and algae extracts and collagen-boosting peptides which will smooth the skin around your eyes and reduce any puffiness you might have.

The texture of Replenishing Eye Therapy is light and soaks into your skin instantly, leaving your eyes feeling soothed and moisturized. One pump from the bottle is more than enough to hydrate the skin around both of your eyes.

I absolutely noticed a difference in the depth of my crows feet as well as the bags under my eyes. But you may be curious about study stats that were conducted by a New York City Dermatologist.

30 participants used Replenishing Eye Therapy twice a day for 8 weeks. The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles were reduced by 26% in women with visible crow’s feet. In addition, redness and pigmentation were reduced by over 44% and dryness and roughness by nearly 70%. Over 80% noted significant improvement in puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles, softness and smoothness and overall appearance of the eye area.

These products are exclusively available by physicians, however, no prescription is needed. You can also find them online.

As for me, I'm sold. These products work. They're not cheap, and they can be inconvenient to find, but the results are worth it.

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