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Biore: Self-Heating Mask

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Biore: Self-Heating Mask

Biore: Self-Heating Mask

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The Bottom Line

Biore's Self-Heating Mask gives everyone the ability of getting the benefits of a facial mask without spending the typical 15 minutes to do it. It deep cleans your skin, leaving your pores obviously smaller.

Be aware however, if you have normal to dry skin, this mask will be too drying for your skin.

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  • It only takes one minute to get the full benefits.
  • Easy instructions - You can tell exactly when the product is done working.
  • Prices is affordable for everyone.
  • The self-heating function is fantastic.


  • Really drys out your skin, only good for those with oily skin.
  • It's hard to get it off your face.


  • A box of 8 facial masks that self-heat when brought into contact with water.
  • The heat opens up your pores, giving them deep-down cleaning.
  • Available for less than $10 at most drug stores.

Guide Review - Biore: Self-Heating Mask

Biore's Self-Heating Mask comes in a box with 8 single-use facial masks ampules. You simply wash your face and apply the mask to your wet face. The mask is white in color with small blue specs of color. When the mask hits the water on your face, you'll instantly feel a warming sensation.

Unlike most masks that you let sit, you massage this mask on your face for the entire minute as you watch the mask turn into a uniform blue. After a minute, and after your face is all blue, you can rinse it off.

This is fantastic, because really, who has the time to spend 15 minutes with a mask on their face? This gets the job done in the amount of time it takes to clean your face. Everyone has the time.

This mask gets really warm which, Biore says, opens and clears out your pores while absorbing excess oil. I absolutely noticed the difference in my pores after using this mask, but as a girl with combination skin, I felt my skin was extremely dry after use. If you fall anywhere close to normal or dry, you'll want to pass, however, if you have oily skin, you'll love this facial mask.

I used this mask at my bathroom sink so that I could see when the mask turned completely blue. I felt it was extremely difficult washing off the mask using water alone, especially in areas around the nose and the hair line, so make sure you have a wash cloth handy.

Using this in the shower instead of the sink would be ideal, as you don't really need to see the blue color to know it's done working. The warming sensation dyes down slowly as the color intensifies. You would be able to judge by the feeling whether it is time to rinse it off or not.

After using this mask, my face was definitely less oily, my pores were reduced, and my skin felt smooth and clean. If you have oily skin, you can't beat the price and availability and ease of Biore's Self-Heating Mask.

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