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Facial Masks for Your Skin Type

Choose the Best Facial Mask For Your Skin


If you're looking to add a beneficial step in your skin care regime, a weekly facial mask is a great addition. No matter your skin type, there is a facial mask suited for you. Usually used once or twice a week, facial masks can deep down clean your face, tighten your pores, or brighten and exfoliate your face. Masks are not a "one size fits all" product though. There are clay masks, fruit extract masks, yogurt masks, and gel masks, just to name a few in a long lineup. Before you buy a facial mask, you must recognize your skin type and buy accordingly.

Oily or Combination Skin

Freeman Superfruits Detoxifying Clay Facial Mask
Image Courtesy PriceGrabber

People with oily or combination skin do best with regular use of a clay mask. Clay is great for removing excess oil, deep cleaning your pores and preventing and clearing up blackheads. Natural clay is a great detoxifying treatment for your face without leaving your skin extra dry. Most clay masks work fine with sensitive skin.

Freeman Superfruits Detoxifying Clay Facial Mask is a great example of a natural based clay mask that will deep clean your skin and leave it smooth and soft.

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Dry Skin

Dermalogica: Intensive Moisture Masque
Image courtesy PriceGrabber

People with dry skin use a mask for a very different reason than those with oily skin. You are not looking to reduce oil, but add moisture. Using a moisture mask will rejuvenate and plump your skin. Many masks for dry skin include at least a bit of “sink-in” effect. You leave the mask on your skin for up to 10 minute and then rub it in a bit more before wiping off the excess. You’ll notice immediately smoother, softer skin.

Get immediately noticeable results with Dermalogica: Intensive Moisture Masque.

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Dull Skin

Zia ZIA: Pumpkin Exfoliating Mask
Image courtesy PriceGrabber

If you’re looking for a boost of radiance, exfoliating masks will certainly help you. Look for a peel off mask which will exfoliate your skin leaving it smooth and fresh. Many exfoliating masks use fruit extracts to naturally exfoliate and usually smell fantastic.

When peeling off some exfoliating masks, your mind will wander back to peeling off Elmer’s glue in elementary school. But not all exfoliating mask are uncomfortable. You'll be so glad you tried it when you see how happy you are with the noticeable results. Try Zia ZIA: Pumpkin Exfoliating Mask.

Normal Skin

Korres: Yogurt Velvety Moisturizing Mask
Image provided by Sephora

If dryness or breakouts are of no real concern for you, you have many options when it comes to masks. You can use one that will give you radiance, one for deep cleaning or a gentle one for sensitive skin. Regardless of how “normal” your skin may be; you’ll see benefits from using a weekly mask.

Try the Yogurt Velvety Moisturizing Mask from Korres to get a boost of hydration with a cooling sensation.

Mature Skin

Shiseide: Benefiance Firming Massage Mask
Photo provided by Nordstroms

If you’re looking to firm up the skin on your face and neck, chances are good you have dry skin. You can either use a mask meant for dry skin or a mask specified “firming”. A firming mask will boost your skins moisture content which will reduce fine lines caused by your skins dehydration. This will give the appearance of a more youthful, firmer face. Massage onto your face and leave for about 10 minutes before you rinse off.

Pamper your skin with the Benefiance Firming Massage Mask from Shiseido.

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