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Bliss Spa: Thinny Thin Chin

Bliss Spa Thinny Thin Chin - Good Buy or Goodbye?

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Bliss Spa: Thinny Thin Chin

Bliss Spa: Thinny Thin Chin

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Are you bothered by the bit of jiggle under your chin? Do you wish you could easily firm things up? Loose skin under the chin is a problem many women have, and Bliss Spa just may have the cure with their Thinny Thin Chin. Compare Prices

With Bliss's cheeky product titles, women in droves can't wait to buy and try their next skin break through product; but does it work?

Bottom Line - Does it Work?

That is a loaded question. Are you asking women who have used Thinny Thin Chin, or skin care ingredient expert Paula Begoun, who dissects ingredient labels to see if the product can do what they say it will? Bliss says "It's like a liquid bra for your v-zone."

Let's start with customers. Thinny Thin Chin gets high marks from most of the customers who use it. Reports of instant tightening are common, and with long term use, some customers reported amazing results. The grapefruit citrus scent starts off strong, but fades rather quickly to a nice mild scent. While the price is a bit high for some, many will gladly pay the $48 because of the results they are seeing.

What does Paula Begoun think? She doesn't hold back what she things. According to her review on beautipedia.com, she tells us that this is nothing more than a moisturizer. There is no special tightening agent anywhere in the ingredient list. Thinny Thin Chin gets Beautipedia's lowest rating which basically means too much money for a product making claims it won't do.

So, why all the good reviews from customers? Are women really see an instant tightening effect, or benefits from finally moisturizing an area that often times gets neglected. Skin that is dry often shows wrinkles, unlike well hydrated skin. If you're going by customer reviews to determine your purchase, Thinny Thin Chin is getting good ones. If you're going by ingredient analysis, don't expect a miracle. If you don't regularly moisturizer your neck, you may want to make that your first step before shelling out the cash.

More About Bliss Spa

If you're not familiar with Bliss Spa, let me fill you in. What many know of as a trendy skin care company actually started as a Day Spa. Founded in NYC in 1996, Bliss now has 8 spas world wide and sells their infamous spa treatments to those of use who aren't lucky enough to be near a Bliss spa.

Bliss caters to women's insecurities with cheeky product titles such as "Thinny Thin Chin" and "Fat Girl Slim". While it may be a cute company with fine products, when you see product names such as these, you start to see a pattern of products made specifically for impulse shopping. Bliss has a way with its product names that make women think they have found the answer to their skin and body care problems. With so many men and women shopping for anti-aging products, a good product name will usually win over a very good product without the marketing slogan. If you don't know this already, you do now: product names and marketing terms really mean nothing.

While there seems to be a following of Bliss Fans, (count me in!) just be realistic when you read labels and product info. If any product promises that it's going to make you look 20 years younger with a single tube, take some time to think before you buy.

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