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Feel Free to Skip the Under Eye Cream

Why You Don't Need an Under Eye Cream


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We’re all looking for a skin care regime that’s quick and easy, yet yields great results. Sometimes seeing and hearing about additional skin care products and steps make you feel that you’re not doing enough for your skin. You shouldn’t always fall for the marketing hype.

One step you can skip: an under eye cream.

Skin care companies tell you it’s vital to use an eye cream because the skin around your eye is thin and more sensitive than your face, but according to author and self described “Cosmetics Cop", Paula Begoun, most of the time there isn’t anything special about your eye cream. It’s just another moisturizer that you’re putting on your face. In fact, according to Begoun, if you peek at the ingredients, they’re almost exactly the same. And worse yet, Begoun points out, there usually is not any sun protection in eye cream, unlike many daily facial moisturizers. If you avoid applying your daily moisturizer around your eyes because you’re planning on an eye cream, your thin sensitive skin will have no sun protection at all. We all know that the biggest cause of premature aging is the sun, so that just doesn’t seem like a good idea, does it?

You may want to keep using eye cream if the skin around your eyes is a different skin type than the rest of your skin. For example, you have combination skin, but the skin around your eyes is dry. You can then use a hydrating eye cream to give that area more moisture. Also, if you have fine lines, an eye cream can help plump them up, but remember most eye creams don't have protection, so don’t forget the added sunscreen.

Feel free to skip the eye cream, apply your regular daily SPF moisturizer and you’ve just taken one step out of your skin care process.

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