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What Percentage of Your Dust is Actually Dead Skin Cells?

And What Can You Do About it?


What Percentage of Your Dust is Actually Dead Skin Cells?
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Your body sheds dead skin cells on a constant basis. Look at your legs. If your skin is dry, you'll actually see flaky skin cells that are easy brush off. Those are dead skin cells. Lotion won't cure it. The only thing you can do is exfoliate.

But before we talk about exfoliating, I'm going to share a little fact that might make you run up to the shower with an exfoliator immediately.

The percentage of the dust in your home that is actually dead skin cells is approximately 75% to 90%.

Dust lately?

Gross, right? According to The Boston Globe, 30,000-40,000 skin cells fall off you per minute, and on average 8.8 pounds of dead skin cells fall off your body per year.

So, what can you do about it? Exfoliate. And regularly.

Exfoliating is simply a step that helps force those dead skin cells off your body. It can easily be done in the bath or shower, or you can use a brush and dry brush your skin before the shower.

You can exfoliate with a special product, called an exfoliator, which typically contains little granules mixed with a gel or cream that when rubbed on the skin, pushed the dead skin cells off.

A washcloth is a very simple exfoliating tool as well.

If you have never exfoliated, check out our in-depth how-to that will tell you everything you need to know about exfoliating.

And make sure you remember to exfoliate 2 to 3 times a week. And we're not just talking about your body! Your face needs to be exfoliated as well. You can use a scrubby exfoliator like we talked about above, or make use of the chemical exfoliators known as Alpha Hydroxy Acids. (learn more about AHA's.)

Exfoliating might help reduce the dust in your home, but the biggest benefit from exfoliating is the smooth, healthy looking skin you'll start seeing.

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