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How to Whiten Your Nails

Whitening Stained Nails with Toothpaste


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Dark polishes can often times leave your nails stained, looking yellow or discolored. Sure, you could just paint over your stained nails, but when you want to go polish-free or use a clear polish or french manicure, stained or yellow nails become a big problem.

There is a super easy technique you can use to get those nails white again and it takes nothing more than your whitening toothpaste. Here's how.

  • Remove All Polish: Using a nail polish remover, strip your nails of any polish, including clear polish.
  • Buff Nails: We suggest using a buffing nail file like this one to file and smooth nails.
  • Apply a coat of whitening toothpaste: Simply apply whitening toothpaste to your nails and use a nail brush, scrubbing your nail gently. For some, this will be all that is needed, but if your nails are still yellow, put another coat on and let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Rinse Nails Rinse the tooth paste off your nails and you'll instantly notice whiter nails. Reapply as many times as necessary to get the desired shade you need.

Easy as that! Espeically great when you use your 4-way buffer to create a beautiful, shiny natural nail.

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