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Can I Reverse the Look of My Aging Hands?


Can I Reverse the Look of My Aging Hands?
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I'm turning 40 this year and it is all of a sudden hitting me what my endless days in the sun did to my skin. I look old! I'm more serious than ever about skin care, but what about my hands? It appears that overnight I got my mother's hands. Is there anything I can do to reverse the damage that I caused by not wearing sunscreen on my hands? Kim, from California

Fret not, Kim, you can definitely reverse some of the visible signs of aging on your hands. First and foremost, start wearing sunscreen every day. We're so quick to worry about our faces, but as you see, our hands really tell our age. A good way to remember to apply sunscreen to your hands is by using a hand cream or lotion with SPF. Apply before you hop in your car so your hands are protected every time you go out.

And those anti-aging skin care products that you're serious about using now? Apply them to your hands, too! Using anti-aging products on your hands and your neck and chest are the only way to continue the anti-aging benefits to the areas hardest hit and most visible.

Simply rub in the excess serum and moisturizer you have on your hands after you apply to your skin. And remember, there are many small ways to make your hands look younger while you are waiting for the effects of the skin care products to start working. Check out our 5 Tips for Younger Looking Hands for some great ideas.

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