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Waxelene: The Petroleum Jelly Alternative

Waxelene: The Petroleum Jelly Alternative

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Waxelene: The Petroleum Jelly Alternative

Waxelene is an organic, all-natural product that they say is an alternative to petroleum jelly. (aka Vaseline)

Waxelene: The Petroleum Jelly Alternative - Description and Directions

The label says to use Waxelene for: skin protecting and moisturizing, chafing prevention, removing makeup, many other household needs.

Earlier in the year, I shared some of my favorite Vaseline uses. One could come up with probably fifty uses for Vaseline easily and you could easily substitute Waxelene for any of them. Here are a few ideas of what you could use Waxelene for.

  • Dry cuticle relief - especially in the cold winter months. Simply rub in once a day. Keeps elbows soft.
  • Lip balm - put it over your lipstick for added hydration and shine or put it on before bed to keep chapped lips at bay.
  • Lip Exfoliator - put it on your lips and softly brush with a toothbrush to exfoliate.
  • Eye makeup remover - A little on a Q-tip works like a charm.
  • Dry feet relief - put on before bed and put socks on to seal in the moisture. You'll be amazed in the morning.
  • Makeup base - mix with a little powder blush for creamy cheek and lip color.
  • Exfoliator - Mix it with salts or sugar to make a powerful scrub perfect for an at-home pedicure.
  • Self-tanning lotion barrier - Put a little bit on areas such as fingers, nails, palms and areas that you don't want to get color.
  • Apply a little on your little one's cheeks before going out in the snow to prevent them from getting chapped from the cold and wind.

Waxelene has only four ingredients, two of which are organic. It currently comes in two sizes: 2 ounces, currently priced at $6.99 and 9 ounces, priced at $15.99. The product is made in California and is packaged in glass bottles. It has a pretty strong beeswax scent that dissipates rather quickly.

At the time of this review, Waxelene products are available in 19 different states in retail stores including certain Whole Foods.

Waxelene: The Petroleum Jelly Alternative - Our Review

Things We Love:

  • Versatility: Like Vaseline, Waxelene is good for so many uses, from moisturizing to helping heal cracked cuticles to athletes who are avoiding chafing. It's a one-tub-does-it-all product.
  • Ingredients: A simple four ingredient list is nice. Many times, natural skin care products have a very small percentage of Vitamin E Oil and Rosemary Oil in it to extend the life of the product, helping keep bacteria at bay. This product does not have a preservative in it, and one isn't really needed because there is no water in the product, so the added rosemary oil and vitamin E is a nice addition to extend the longevity of the product. I certainly don't have the percentage of the ingredients in this product, but I would guess that it is mostly soy oil mixed with beeswax.
  • Using it on Our Dry Lips and Cuticles: Waxelene works wonders on our dry lips and our cuticles. It plumps up our lips and heals the dry skin around our nails. It only takes a little product to do a lot of work!

Something to Note

Petroleum Jelly is a controversial product. Some people believe it is a cancer-causing-made-from-oil ingredient that has no use in a household. Just do a search on Vaseline and Cancer. Others did their own research and came to the conclusion that Petroleum Jelly is not a concern, it is not a cancer-causing product and it is safe and great for the skin. (I fall in the second category.)

If you are on the lookout for all-natural, organic product lines,try Waxelene. But before you decide that Vaseline causes cancer, please do some more research.

Waxelene: The Petroleum Jelly Alternative - Ingredients

Organic Soy Oil, Beeswax, Natural Vitamin E Oil, Organic Rosemary Oil

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