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Lush: Dream Cream

Note - Before You Read the Review

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Lush: Dream Cream

Lush: Dream Cream

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After doing some research on Dream Cream, I see that perhaps the formula has been changed in the recent months. Reviews from long-time Dream Cream users on Lush's website show that as of summer '09, something is different about the cream.

Your best bet it to get a sample from a local store and see how you feel about Dream Cream. Read on to see what I felt.

Lush: Dream Cream Basic Description

Dream Cream is very smooth and light yellow in color. Lush mentions in their flyer that the scent "can take a bit of getting use to", but I found the scent to be pleasant and often reminded me of the beach.

Some of the ingredients include oats, rose water, lavender, chamomile and olive oil. All of the ingredients are natural and safe for vegans.

Lush uses their packaging sparingly and this product is no exception. Dream Cream comes in a plain black cardboard jar. There's no box, tissue paper or bag. Also, a bright yellow sticker that has a cartoon picture of the person who made the cream is included on the jar. This is a nice, trendy and personable touch.

The sticker also indicates the expiration date and my jar said it will expire in one year. The jar is 8.4 oz and sells for a hefty $24.95.

Lush: Dream Cream - My Review

I recently purchased Lush's Dream Cream hand and body lotion in an effort to find a quality, effective all-day moisturizer. I wanted to love this cream since I am very fond of many of Lush's concepts, such organic ingredients, vegan products and reduced packaging. Lush touts this cream as one of its "best sellers."

However, I did not use the cream today because I did not want my keyboard keys to become greasy. (literally.) Unfortunately, my skin type did not mix well with Dream Cream. It didn't drink in the product as I had hoped. In fact, it felt as though I sprayed cooking spray on my limbs.

I applied the cream on my arms and legs, and about an hour afterward, my skin still looked wet and had a slimy feel to it.

Even though I washed my hands after applying, my hands still managed to get the product on them throughout the day and everything I touched got some Dream Cream on it. I also did not feel as though my skin got any softer or more moisturized from using it.

To be fair, afterward, I read in Lush's printed flyer that Dream Cream can "calm troubled skin." I was looking to use this as a moisturizer and not to fix any existing skin problems. My skin is sensitive, and while it's not overly dry, it can benefit from a good daily moisturizer.

Part of the reason why I selected Dream Cream was because the Lush sales woman had pointed me in that direction. She said she knew Dream Cream works great with sensitive skin, such as mine. I think if I had more of a severe skin problem, this may have been the cream for me, but since I did not, the cream seemed to just sit on my skin.

Lush: Dream Cream - Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a daily moisturizer for your sensitive skin, I don't recommend Dream Cream. It may be more suited for problem skin or extremely dry skin that is also sensitive. I am putting my jar back on the shelf and may take it back down if I get a sunburn or have some trouble spots with my skin.
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