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Scandle Candle

Beauty Product of the Day - Scandle Candle


Scandle Candle

Scandle Candle

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Who doesn't love a nice spa treatment? But, in today's economy, who can afford to do them on a regular basis? (Not me!)

I'm excited to feature Scandle Candle for today's beauty product of the day, because Scandle Candle allows us to treat ourselves to the perfect spa treatment at home with your mate.

Scandle Candles are soy based candles that when melted turn into a moisturizing massage oil. If you've tried a soy based massage candle, you're going to love the fact that this candle doesn't produce a heavy oil that leaves your skin feeling greasy.

The wax of Scandle Candle's melt at only 101-102 degrees, so when it is applied to your skin, it is just slightly warmer than your own body temperature. No need to worry about burning yourself.

If you're wondering how many massages you can get from one candle, it's about 20, but if you're just using it to moisturize your legs or feet, you'll get many more. In fact, the burn time is about 50 hours! Plus, you can buy refills or just use the burner for other uses around your home when the candle is all gone.

Surprise your mate with a Scandle Candle and ignite a little romance back into your life. No mate? No worries! Enjoy the fragrant scent this candle gives off and give yourself a foot and leg treatment. You'll love it!

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