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Method: Natural Hand Wash

Method: Natural Hand Wash


Method: Natural Hand Wash

Method: Natural Hand Wash

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Do you use anti-bacterial soap? Maybe you use it because you think it's better for your family, and maybe you use it because you just aren't sure, but you want to be safe. But what would you say if we told you that you not only don't need anti-bacterial soap, your better off skipping it altogether.

I am a big fan of Method products, in fact, they are my first choice for house cleaning products. I just started looking at a wider range of their products, and couldn't pass up their Natural Hand Wash.

First, it's just so pretty! It comes in many different scents and colors, and just stands out in your bathroom. And I love that you can buy refills instead of throwing out the plastic bottle.

Instead of using antibacterial ingredients, Method offers you a simple and harmless way of getting your hands clean. The cleanser is derived from coconut oils and will gently and effectively get rid of the grim and dirt, without, as they put it, "killing anything". And you can beat the price, typically priced around $5.00

Pick up Method at most drugstores, and for sure at your local Target.

Method: Natural Hand Wash - (compare prices)

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