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Egg White Mask: How To and Skin Benefits


Egg White Mask: How To and Skin Benefits
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Eggs are high in protein, cheap to buy and almost everyone can say they have a carton in their fridge. Have you ever thought of using one of those eggs in your skin care regimen? You might want to consider giving an egg white mask a try!

Egg white masks are good for acne and for wrinkles. When using an egg white on areas that have wrinkles, the egg white will temporarily tighten and firm the skin. It’s a great option for pre special occasion. (Like your high school reunion!)

When it comes to acne, the egg whites will help reduce the oil which causes acne. Used bi-weekly, you should see benefits in little time.

How To Do And Egg White Mask:

Simply crack the egg and separate the white from the yolk and whisk until broken up. Using a paint brush or your fingers, brush onto skin and let dry. If you are treating your skin for acne or oily skin, apply to your entire face. If you’re targeting wrinkles, apply to areas you’d like to tighten.

Let sit on your face until dry or about 5-7 minutes. Some people like to add tissue paper to the wet egg white to help with removing, but it’s not necessary and you can simply remove with a wet, warm wash cloth.

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