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Mario Badescu: Almond & Honey Non-Abrasive Face Scrub

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Mario Badescu: Almond & Honey Non-Abrasive Face Scrub

Mario Badescu: Almond & Honey Non-Abrasive Face Scrub

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This face scrub is that it smells delicious! The combination of almond and honey smells like there is a delectable pastry with you in the shower. It is a good scrub that makes your face feel clean and it gives you the sense that you have scrubbed off dead skin cells. But the term “non-abrasive” description is definitely misleading. It doesn’t scratch or leave any marks on your skin, but the bits of chopped almonds in the scrub aren't so great for sensitive skin.

The key is to scrub very, very gently with this product for best results. We found that it didn’t cause any irritations, dryness or oiliness. Cocoa Honey Milk Bath Recipe

Almond & Honey Non-Abrasive Face Scrub - Description

This face scrub comes in a 4 oz. white plastic jar with a screw top. The scrub is a very light pink color with bits of real almonds mixed in. The bits of almond look like small brown bumps in the scrub. The scrub is thick in consistency. The company recommends this for all skin types. If you like the smell of almonds, then you will love this scrub because it has a very strong almond scent that you will notice as soon as you open the product. The company states that: “the real chopped Almonds and Corn Meal provide natural exfoliation while the Honey Extract and Almond oil retain moisture.”

On the jar, the instructions for use are: “Massage in circular motion on clean, wet skin, avoiding eye area and erupted areas. Rinse with tepid water. Use 2-3 times weekly.” At the time of this review, this product sells for about $15.

Almond & Honey Non-Abrasive Face Scrub - Review

Things We Loved:

  • Mostly Non-irritating: Besides the feel of the almond bits, we found the scrub to not be irritating, cause any redness, drying, oiliness, or breakouts.
  • Results: We liked how our skin felt after using this product. It felt like the scrub did a great job of exfoliating and we liked the overall look and appearance of our skin afterwards.
  • The Price: For the quality you get with this product, we thought $15 was an excellent price point.

Things We Didn't Love:

  • The Almond Bits: It’s neat that there are real almond bits in the scrub, but they are hard and sharp! We could have done with something slightly softer than those. We understand that the product is a scrub, but we didn’t like the sensation of rubbing the almond on our face. It might be better if the bits were smaller or more ground up first.
  • Messy: The product is a little messy to work with and you have to be very careful about not getting any on the lid or the outside of the jar or it looks and feels like you have light pink paint on it. We recommend using this product in the shower because it seems to make less of a mess that way.

Final Thoughts

The only thing keeping this scrub from being a great product was the real almond bits. Or maybe just the size of them. If it wasn’t for how they felt on our face, we would have liked this scrub a lot better. It’s nice that it did not cause any overall visible irritation and we thought the product came through with the promises of what it can do. We thought it exfoliated great while keeping skin clear and smooth. Papaya Pineapple Exfoliating Mask


Deionized Water,Propylene Glycol, Talc, Algae Extract, Zinc Oxide,PVP, Kaolin, Almond Oil,Honey,Corn Meal,Boric Acid,Methylparaben (What are Parabens?)
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