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Is Botox Only for The Middle Aged?


Is Botox Only for The Middle Aged?
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When is the right time to start considering Botox? 30's? 40's? 50's? What if we told you the right time could be in your 20's? Dr. Edward Miranda, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with the Pacific Plastic Surgery Group shares the inside scoop.

What Will Botox Do For Me?

Botulium toxin type A (more commonly known as Botox) is a substance used to treat wrinkles in unwanted areas. One of the reasons we form wrinkles over time is due to the constant muscle contractions our faces make on a daily basis.

If one decides to receive Botox injections, their unwanted wrinkles will become softer, less noticeable and eventually (with regular use) diminished completely. People most commonly receive Botox to treat their frown lines (glabella), crow’s feet, and forehead lines.

Why You Might Want to Consider Botox in Your 20's

If Botox is used to treat unwanted wrinkles that have already formed, why are the younger, supple-skinned twenty-something’s suddenly becoming interested in this procedure? Think of it as a preemptive strike on wrinkles. Injecting Botox into a muscle temporarily paralyzes it, and since the muscles can’t move anymore those wrinkles don’t have a chance to become as etched into the skin. Botox is a preventative measure to avoid those future wrinkles all together.

Medical experts encourage patients to begin Botox injections in their 20’s because the nerve signals will be blocked earlier on, which allows the patient to need the injections less frequently as they start to age.

You don’t have to wait until we see those unsightly lines on our faces before visiting our doctor for Botox injections. With the advanced development of Botox injections, starting to receive Botox at an earlier age may just be the way to go.

Note from the Editor: What do you think? Would you try Botox in your 20's? (Or do you wish you started in your 20's?) We learned last year that topical Botox will be available soon and it shows just as promising results without the needle. Will you try Botox when it is applied topically instead of through and injection? Take our poll.

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About Dr. Miranda:Dr. Edward P. Miranda is a board certified plastic surgeon specializing in high risk surgeries and offers the full range of modern cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. After graduating from medical school at Cornell, Dr. Miranda did residency training in general surgery at the University Of California San Francisco and became board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Miranda is a native of New York City and now practices in San Francisco, California and serves clients from Northern California and beyond. He is also affiliated with California Pacific Medical Center and St. Mary's Medical Center in San Francisco, California.

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