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How to Pick the Perfect Foundation Makeup - Beauty - About.com
Which foundation makeup is best for your skin type? The perfect foundation should vanish into your skin without a trace, so it looks as if you're the sort of woman ...
How to Apply Foundation on Your Face - Beauty - About.com
How do you apply foundation? I'll show you how to apply it in the morning so it looks flawless and stays on all day.
Foundation -- How to Pick the Best Foundation & Concealer - Beauty
Foundation & Concealer -- How to Pick the Best Foundation & Concealer. Plus: the best foundation & concealers on the market, how to apply foundation & more.
Over 50? What to Look for in Foundation Makeup - Beauty - About.com
I show you what to look for in a foundation makeup if you are over 50.
Types of Makeup Foundations - Beauty - About.com
The very best way to achieve a smooth and even complexion is to apply foundation before you do your eye makeup, cheeks or lips. The right shade will ...
Private Foundation - Definition - Nonprofit - About.com
Private foundations are generally founded by an individual, a family or a group of individuals, and are organized either as a nonprofit corporation or as a ...
Face: Concealer, Foundation, Powders & More - Beauty - About.com
Are you going too light on concealer? Should you give up foundation for a tinted moisturizer? Why is everyone ga-ga over primer? Find out in this section.
Learn About Arthritis - Arthritis Foundation
The Arthritis Foundation is your source of information about arthritis, the #1 cause of disability. Here you can learn more about the diagnosis, treatment and ...
Best Foundation Powders - Beauty - About.com
Powder foundation is great for women who want on-the-go portability (as Bobbi Brown claims on her Website for her popular powder foundation). Because it's a ...
What Is Sheer Foundation? - Beauty - About.com
Find out what sheer foundation is and what skin types benefit the most from it.
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