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Dr. Oz: Beauty Secrets Revealed

By September 7, 2010

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It's rare that I have time to tune into daytime TV, but I had the chance to catch Friday's Dr. Oz.  It was all about common myths and proving one way or another if what we've been taught is correct, or if we've been duped all along.

Towards the end of the show, they had a special segment all about beauty secrets.  They had scientists prove one way or another if viewers home beauty tricks were "true beauty" or "bogus".

Dr. Oz got in a bathtub filled with water and let some lucky ladies take over. The first woman started creating a Pina Colada Bath. She poured in some coconut milk, powdered milk and soy milk claiming it would help moisturize and reduce redness. Lovely! Then it got a little weird when she plopped in a can of pineapple rings.  Personally, I'd pass on that and maybe just mix in the pineapple juice.  The recipe passed and really does have skin benefits.

Her next recipe was a Beer Shampoo for body and volume.  It was a simple mixture of boiled down, reduced beer mixed with baby shampoo. It failed, as the beer inhibits the natural vitamins your hair needs to grow.

They had a woman come up and mix together a lovely Mango, Sweet Potato and Honey Mask, which, I bet you can guess: Passed!  (See, you really don't need to spend a lot of money to get results. Just head to the grocery store!)

Lastly, they had a woman bring up her Homemade Soap, which Dr. Oz said felt great! Great, that is, until he found out it was breast milk soap. That sort of ended his bath. But, again, it was "True Beauty" because the milk has lactic acid in it, which is good for your skin.  It also had ample amounts of Olive Oil in it as well for skin moisturizing.

There are 4 pages of home beauty secrets debunked on their website.  (I know many of my readers by now could probably look at the recipe and know right away whether it would be skin healthy or not just from common sense.) 

Check it out and see if you find something you want to try at home. They posted all of the recipes for you to try. Just do me a favor - skip the beer/baby shampoo, period.

And we want to know what your beauty secrets are? What are you creating in your kitchen? Share them with us!

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