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6 Tips to Shrink Pores (Or At Least Make it Look Like You Did!)

Monday April 7, 2014

Do you have large pores? Do you wish your pores were less noticeable? Welcome to the club.  While pores really do play an important role on our skin, having large ones, especially on the face, sure can be a bummer. Who wants skin that resembles the peel of an orange?

We've taken some time to fill you in on what pores actually are and then came up with some ways that you can make them look smaller.  You can't really shrink your pores, but you can take measures to make sure they don't get clogged and stretched.

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My Farewell Blog Post

Monday April 7, 2014

I wanted to take some time to say thank you for taking the time to read, email, share, engage and be a part of my life for the past six years.  Today is my last day writing for About.com.

When I think back to when I started writing for About.com in 2008, I was thrilled to write about something that I was educated in and had such a passion for: skin care.  The years flew by and while I always kept my passion for the skin care industry as a whole, my interests moved towards sun safety when I found out my daughter had advanced pediatric skin cancer.

Over the past two years since her diagnosis and through her treatments, I've immersed myself in the sun care industry and have found that this niche is such a perfect place for me to be.  Last year I launched a website called Not Pasty where women are encouraged to see beauty in their natural skin tone - no matter how light or dark it is.

Along with writing about sun safety (and of course, beauty and skin care) at Not Pasty, I've found myself in the beginning stages of working towards educating youth about the realities of the sun. Read more about the site and my plans and if you would like to work with me in the future or have an opportunity for me, please reach out.

  • To my readers, my utmost thanks to you. It has been so fun to hear from you and talk about all things skin - from wrinkles and pimples to product reviews and suggestions, I have had a blast. Truly I've been so lucky to be here. If you haven't connected on social media, I hope you will.
  • To the amazing dermatologists, skin care line founders, book authors and other experts who have graciously worked with me, I hope our paths cross at Not Pasty and thank you for sharing your expertise with my readers.
  • For my fellow About.com Experts, I am honored to have worked with you. I wish you the best and I hope to work with you in the future.
  • To About.com, thank you for the opportunity, the exposure and all that went along with writing for your company. I wish you a lifetime of success.
  • To the PR reps who have worked with me throughout the past 6 years, thank you for keeping me in the loop and it's be fun getting to know many of you. Feel free to keep me on your radar: info@notpasty.com.

I'm sad to say goodbye to About.com, but I am excited about my future and I hope you'll follow along with me.  You can find me on Facebook, my personal Twitter and my Not Pasty Twitter, Google+ and of course, Not Pasty or email me at info@notpasty.com.

All the best to you,

Jen Adkins

P.S. Exfoliate, moisturize and most importantly, wear sunscreen! :)

3 Bad Skin Habits You're Probably Guilty Of

Saturday March 29, 2014

It can be really difficult to figure out a skincare routine that works specifically for your skin type which is why most of us have a bathroom full of half used products and skin issues that we struggle with. Have you ever considered your skin care habits, not your skin care products, may be causing your skin care issues?

Take a look at these examples to see some common skincare mistakes many of us make. Most of them are an easy fix and you'll see big benefits in the long run.

Stone/Getty Images

New Review: Poppy Austin Argan Oil

Wednesday March 19, 2014

Our latest review is Poppy Austin's Argan Oil. The ingredient list is simply 100% natural, organic argan oil.  If you've been around my site at all in the past, you know how much of a fan I am of argan oil. It's, in my opinion, the best oil for your skin care routine.

I was pretty certain I was going to love this product because of my past love affair with most of the argan oils I've tried. Come check out my review and see what I thought.

Image provided by Poppy Austin

Nail Polish Strips - Reviews and Recommendations

Wednesday March 12, 2014

A few years ago, I wrote a blog post on nail polish strips.  I was curious about them.  Would they work as well as they say they would? (I didn't think so.)  Would they look cheesy? (I thought so.)  Were they a waste of money? (I thought so.)  But the reviews that came through from real users were all positive reviews.

6 Brands of Nail Polish Strips to Try

Due to the great reviews from customers, I tried Incoco Nail Polish Strips. They have the biggest selection in both print and solid color. Read my review.

FYI: After speaking with a representative from Incoco, I learned that some of the nail polish strips aren't actually nail polish at all, but basically stickers that can crinkle easily so do your research before you buy.  Incoco, Sally Hansen and Sephora brand strips are indeed dry nail polish.

Picture provided by Incoco

More on Manicures and Nail Polishes

Effects Soap Has on Your Skin

Monday March 10, 2014

If you're using a regular deodorant soap on your body, it's time to make a change. I was perusing an old Allure while getting a pedicure this weekend, and came across an interesting bit of information about soap and your skin: It takes approximately eight hours for your skin to replenish the moisture lost during a shower when you use a regular soap.

If you prefer a bar soap, find one that is soap free or perhaps a gentle goat's milk soap. If you don't have a preference, there are many gentle shower gels to replace the bar of soap you have now.

Homemade Face Wash Recipes

Monday February 24, 2014

Are you looking for a way to get rid of the harsh facial cleansers sitting in your shower?  Sometimes it doesn't make sense to buy a big bottle of cleanser, especially if your skin changes frequently with the season.  My regularly normal to combination skin is currently drier than dry and the Neutrogena Gentle Face Wash (read review), though made for all skin types, is leaving my skin parched and begging for moisturizer.

Why not try something new and make your own face cleanser.  It couldn't be easier! And you can alter the recipe to make just enough for a day or two and see how it works for you without wasting any product or money.

Here are some face wash recipes to try. If you have a DIY skin care recipe you love, share it with us! We might feature it on our blog for all to see.

The Image Bank/Getty Images

How to Use Essential Oils Safely

Sunday February 23, 2014

If you have been wanting to experiment with essential oils, you need to know a bit about how to use them first. Essential oils can be a bit dangerous, so it's good to learn as much as you can before you dive it.

We contacted Debra Duneier, author and Feng Shui Master for some help. She compiled 10 Essential Oil Tips for Beginners and even shared two recipes to get you started. Thanks, Debra!

Getty Images/Photodisk


Do I Need to use a Serum Twice a Day?

Friday February 21, 2014

I got a really fun email from a reader named Christie last week with the subject, "please please please answer this burning question!!" with the first sentence reading, "Well, not THAT kind of 'burning', but....".  I have to say, I wondered if I was going to be qualified for the burning questions or if I was going to need to send her over to Women's Health. :)

Christie is a product lover who jumped ship on facial moisturizers in exchange for face oils and serums.  She wanted to know if she needed to use both products twice a day.  Head on over and read her email and my response. You'll want to check out the products she's been using and recommending, as well.  I love hearing what you are all using on your face.  Feel free to share your favorites in the reviews at any time.

Lands' End Swim Tee 25% Off

Thursday February 20, 2014

I received my Lands' End catalog in the mail yesterday and I immediately flipped through to check out the season's swim attire.  Right away I was drawn to the UPF swim tee pictured here. Darling, right? Lots of color options, too.

The reason this swim tee and other rash guards are a great option for long days in the sun is because they protect your skin as if you had a consistent dose of SPF50 on, without having to worry about reapplying or missing areas.

Most of you know me as a skin care expert, but what you may not know is that under the skin care umbrella, my passion  is sun safety.  In fact, last year I started a website called Not Pasty which is all about sun safety and acceptance of one's natural skin tone. I have a child with advanced skin cancer and protecting from the sun is always on my mind.  While we're protecting her from more cancer, we're all benefiting from the protection.

The sun is the #1 reason for premature aging, and while you typically think about aging signs on your face, don't forget that your neck and chest almost always show your true age, even if you're careful about protecting your face.

The swim tee is typically $39, but right now they are having a friends and family sale of 25% off!  (buy direct) Pick up a couple!

Hot Topic: How to Get Enough Vitamin D from the Sun While Protecting Your Skin from Cancer

Image provided by Land's End

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